Wellness & the need for Self-Esteem

 At a time when pressures of life can seem all consuming - be that linked to family, health, relationships, work, finances or absolutely anything else - in this post-pandemic era...

Methinks that it's fair to say that physical wellness is intrinsically linked to emotional stability and good overall mental health.  Indeed, you need that basis to start from surely?  In Maslow's Hierchary of Needs triangle after the physiological needs such as air and food, safety needs including health, love and belonging needs of friendship et al.  Sandwiched between the last need of self-actualisation - i.e. the desire to become the best that one can be - at the top of the triangle comes the need of esteem.  Esteem is linked to respect, recognition, status, strength, freedom and self-esteem.  A good sense of positive self esteem makes a marked contrast to instances of low self-esteem, with the former being required for the individual to realise their full potential and successfully strive towards Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.   


Indeed, self-esteem is such a very important factor in the mental health of an individual.  Low self-esteem and the related feelings of worthlessness are felt by growing numbers of people.  It could be argued that this is particularly true at a time of economic instability amongst other factors for those affected by financial burdens.  The causes of poor self-esteem are numerous but: often stems from childhood whereby unhappiness prevailed and linked adults were overly critical; may be linked to poor academic performance in school leading to lack of confidence;  can be linked to stresses in life such as the breakdown of significant relationships.

Striving Towards Good Self-Esteem....

mind.org.uk suggests ways around improving one's self-esteem including:

recognising the positives, no matter how small they may be; building support networks; looking after yourself; and simply just being kind towards yourself.

No matter how bad things seem, they usually are not quite as grim and this is something which can be realised by trying some simple solutions such as those mentioned above.  However, it is generally always good for people to raise any low feelings they may be experiencing with others - even using the anonymity of organisations such as the Samaritans (Tel: 116 123).

Hypnotherapy for relaxation

Hypnotherapy Uses hypnosis to aid individuals relax and realise a state of deep relaxation.  Often it is used to achieve relaxation and stress reduction  During a hypnotherapy session, a Sleeping Giant Hypnotherapy practitioner supports the individual into a state of deep relaxation.  This can be very helpful as a tool for relaxation and anxiety reduction.  One of our trained and accredited therapists guides the individual into a relaxed state in which suggestions for calmness and relaxation can be applied.  


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