Phobia Fixing with Sleeping Giant Hypnotherapy!

 Creature phobias

So many people have aversions to all-sorts of things, one of which is a fear of creatures be it: larger animals such as dogs or cats or horses; or smaller creatures including rodents or even insects such as bees or moths/butterflies.     

Certainly, if you have a phobia, you'll have that overwhelming need to avoid contact with the source of your anxiety.  Coming into contact with anything you have a fear of will cause you to feel anxiety and panic - and at times just thinking about the thing can lead to these feelings.



Heights or confined spaces - or anything else...


    Your fear may be caused by heights and you might not like to be near bridges or cliffs,  nor even have sight of these in a photograph.  A common fear of those with a phobia of flying is often linked to being at considerable height.  Another concern with flying is being in such a confined space.

 Fear of needles

  So many of us have a severe phobia around needles - to the extent where often many will even avoid inoculations administered by needle.  Even the smartest, most astute individuals would rather take the risk of becoming ill through contracting serious diseases rather than being vaccinated - such is the complexity of this phobia for many. 

 From 'hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia' to anything else







Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia  et al...

The above refers to the phobia or fear of long words, which may seem ludicrous but is linked to feelings of shame or fear of embarrassment around one's possible - or perhaps likely - mispronunciation of lengthy words.  

In addition to the usual and commonly known phobias linked to: spiders; snakes; rats; confined spaces; heights; or emetophobia (all things vomit-related); gamophobia (the fear of commitment or marriage) or absolutely anything which causes an irrational fear, anxiety and distress to the individual  Sleeping Giant Hypnotherapy can provide tailor-made support to overcome all manner of phobias.  

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