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    Healing Hearts and Valentines

 Valentine's Day may have come and gone for the year, but undoubtedly can be an extremely challenging time for those who:  have experienced heartbreak around romance; are in a stagnant, lacklustre relationship; have been unable to realise a healthy relationship; may never have been in a relationship; seem to flit from one disastrous relationship to another;  are unable to settle in or settle for any particular romantic partnership, never wanting to commit and always anticipating finding  'something better'.

Building positive relationships and fostering love are each important aspects of achieving a fulfilling life for many.  Finding love is a desire that many people have, with the expectation about certain lifetime achievements being anticipated and mapped out accordingly in a timely manner.  Although in the modern era choices may be less limiting compared to old.  There may not be the expectations around any necessity of getting married, settling down, having children.  While much of this might be considered as unnecessary in an age where there is no longer stigma associated with not getting hitched or entering into any type of family life - if any - many continue to chase the hearts and flowers association with love.  

Indeed, finding love is a desire that many people continue to have.  Sleeping Giant Hypnotherapy can help to provide support around minimising and moving on from heartbreak, finding healing in the process.  Shifting away from toxic, unhealthy relationships  our individualised packages can help identify and nurture positive relationships.  Step away from heartbreak and steer towards positive relationships. 

If this is something which resonates with you and you want to experience, then contact Sleeping Giant Hypnotherapy.  Allow us to assist you in shifting your mindset from toxicity-filled to pure, healthy and enjoyable relationships - for before, during and long after Valentine's Day for romance isn't just consigned to every February!


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