Get over your fear of flight and let the world become your oyster today

 Fear of flying?  

 Let Sleeping Giant Hypnotherapy help support you to get over this irrational fear.


Some tips to help:

1. Get over your flying phobia by learning about how aeroplanes are constructed and how they work.  Check out statistics about flight safety and measures put in place.

2. Employ relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and visualisation to calm fears and anxiety during the flight.

3. Begin by taking short flights or even simulator training so that you can gradually become desensitized to flying. 

4. Ensure you bring along items such as books or magazines to distract yourself and occupy you during the process of the flight.

5. Choose your seat wisely.  Did you know that choosing your seat that is over the wing will feel turbulence much less.  Alternatively, a window seat gives a sense of control.

6.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol in order to limit anziety and increase your fear of flying.

7. Endeavour to remain informed, following the pilot's and crew's announcements and updates during the flight.  This allows you to stay informed and offers reassurance.

8. Hypnotherapy can help to alleviate your fear of flying.  Sleeping Giants Hypnotherapy can assist you in having the safest, most pleasant experience in the skies - free of fear, stress and anxiety.